So not too long ago, i decided to invest in some clamp-in hair extensions for the summer and before i go back to college. Not because i dislike my hair the length that it is now; I just get very bored with looking the same and feel like I always need to be changing myself in some way. Luckily with my mum and her friends being hairdressers, I only needed to pay for the actual hair rather than the clamping itself. Each pack of bonded hair was about £17, and I bought five packs to be safe (I have one and a half packs to spare - but it depends on the thickness of your hair, and they are useful for when the old ones fall out.)

To change it up a bit, I went for the Crazy Color dye - as I have never tried it before - and used three different shades of blue/green mixed together.
Rough quantity:
2/5 parts Peppermint -
2/5 Parts bubblegum blue -
1/5 parts Sky blue -

All these colours put together created my usual turquoise shade however was lighter due to the amount of peppermint dye I used.

They were left with the dye on for about 2 hours to make sure the colour had properly processed but 1 hour would be fine. I then washed them like normal hair and it took about an hour and a half for them to be clamped in. 



So, I'm pretty sure my lip and my nostril piercing's have been seen in previous blog posts - however my septum and belly button/naval piercing's have been done fairly recently. I have been asked a lot about which ones hurt the most etc; so thought I would share some of my thoughts!

Starting with pain; I have quite a high pain threshold in my opinion, and so personally I didn't find any of these piercings beyond my ability to cope with. Let's be honest - your skin is being impaled by a needle - so YES its going to hurt a bit. Each of these four piercings hurt quite a bit more than my ear lobs piercings and I would have to say I found my Septum the most painful (and it also happened to be the only one that bled for me). Despite being the most painful, it has also been my easiest piercing yet to take care of , and after only one month I couldn't even tell it was there till I looked in the mirror. All the pains are quite different and obviously affect people differently, but I found my belly surprisingly more painful than my lip and nostril which I didn't expect at all! So it all goes to show it depends on the person, the piercer, the angle the needle goes in, the thickness of the skin etc.

I can't really pick one favourite because I love them all separately, but I'd say that if for some reason I had to remove one - I doubt it would be any of the facial piercings - it would probably be my second or third lobe piercings because, a lot of the time I don't wear ear-rings in them.

Hopefully this was helpful to someone!!

♡ Mia x ♡


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