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IN THE TUB - WITH LUSH'S  SUNNYSIDE BUBBLE BAR ♡ It's not often I have enough time to take a bath, but it's always nice to get my hands on a few Lush products that give me a good excuse! On this occasion , I chose the most glittery bubble bar I could find. Usually, I go for the Blackberry bath bomb, the Sex bomb , or the Dragons egg - so I was looking forward to trying my first Sunnyside bubble bar. It wasn't as glittery as I had expected , however when I looked closer at the water I noticed lots of shimmering golden specks which I couldn't quite capture on camera. Unlike a lot of Lush Bath bombs and bubble bars , the smell of Sunnyside was very subtle and turned out to be a blend of sweet wild orange, lemon and tangerine oils ; nothing too sweet and over-powering. Very relaxing, and would recommend to fellow glitter lovers. Mia x ♡

Unicorn Uni-bum ♡

THE RAGGED PRIEST UNI-BUM UNICORN MOM JEANS ♡ Was very excited when I spotted these  unicorn mom jeans by The Ragged Priest (who I am obsessed with at the moment!)  as I had been searching for mom jeans for an age , and not only were these the perfect colour, but they have unicorns on the butt! How can you say no to having a unicorn bum?! These particular Jeans are pretty pricey, but I think it's worth it to get good quality Jeans that will last a long time. However , there a similar mom jeans on the Ragged Priest website that are on sale , and have some really cute patches and prints. It's going to be difficult to stop myself from wearing these everyday! Mia x ♡