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Keeping Positive and holding onto happiness  ♡ This is going to be a slightly more personal post, nothing to do with fashion, makeup etc so if thats not what your here for, then stop reading. Lately , since starting Art College, my life has changed quite dramatically - definitely for the better. Happiness has never been a choice for me, i've wanted it so badly but its just been something that I have never quite been able to reach, and sadly to say I hadn't felt it for a very long time; to the point that I physically couldn't bring myself to even fake smile, and practically had no motivation for life. However, for various reasons I'm not going to go into very much yet, life is looking up at the moment :) and I think I might be starting to recognise happiness.  Problem is...  happiness is quite hard to keep hold of, and I feel it slipping away very often. At the moment, it has a lot to do with others making me feel like I'm not worthy of being happy, an