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MERMAID HAIR AND PIERCING UPATE! ♡ So not too long ago, i decided to invest in some clamp-in hair extensions for the summer and before i go back to college. Not because i dislike my hair the length that it is now; I just get very bored with looking the same and feel like I always need to be changing myself in some way. Luckily with my mum and her friends being hairdressers, I only needed to pay for the actual hair rather than the clamping itself. Each pack of bonded hair was about £17, and I bought five packs to be safe (I have one and a half packs to spare - but it depends on the thickness of your hair, and they are useful for when the old ones fall out.) To change it up a bit, I went for the Crazy Color dye - as I have never tried it before - and used three different shades of blue/green mixed together. Rough quantity: 2/5 parts Peppermint - 2/5 Parts bubblegum blue - 1/5 parts Sky blue - All these colours put together created my usual turquoise shade however was lighter due to th