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BIRTHDAY DAY OUT... My Birthday was over a month ago now, and I was unable to post this for some reason or another! But we had an amazing time up in Camden town , looking around the market, eating Jamaican food and doughnuts , and just generally taking in our colourful surroundings. ♥  Usually when i'm heading to Camden , I tend to wear brighter colours (whether that is clothes, or my lipstick) however , today I clearly thought my hair was bright enough. So, I stuck to a more natural bronze glow ( Yes, this is me with bronzer on haha) being such a pale thing - and kept to my usual 'go to' golden brown eyeshadow shade, with mascara obviously and my top waterline lined with Kohl pencil eyeliner. I also used a small amount of benetint near the top of my bottom lip, to give a subtle ombre effect. There was so much to look at as we had expected , which is why we went early in the day to allow us plenty of time! We did some thrift shopping in Camden thrift sho