♔ ♚  Rimmel London - ScaldalEyes ♕ ♛

Whilst on holiday in Cornwall , I became suddenly aware that I was coming to the end of every liquid 
eyeliner I own (Yes it was as dramatic as it sounds!). Unfortunately there aren't many shops to get 
makeup from where we were staying, however from the five brands I had to choose from, in a very tiny
Boots store - I chose the Scandaleyes thin brush liquid eyeliner in Black/Noir (001).

I've been pretty pleased with just how precise you can be with this eyeliner, because I'm a big fan of the
'winged' eyeliner or 'cat eyes' ( whatever you want to call it!). The brush/tip is really thin, and is perfectly suited to my eye shape; reducing the amount of time I spend trying to clear up ugly black smudges across my face, and allowing me to do it quickly.  

The only issue I have found with this eyeliner , is that (particularly winged eyeliner) it starts to fade 
around the edges a little, and so you have got to make sure your apply A LOT if your wanting it
to stay all day long.

So, after testing out this eyeliner...because of how easy it is to use and the precision of the brush - I 
would recommend. However, it will only look at its best if you are willing to possibly top it up from
time to time - If not, then you will need a thicker,  longer lasting eyeliner .

Overall , I'm still on the hunt for my 100% perfect liquid eyeliner!

Mia x
(comment any suggestions?) 




My Birthday was over a month ago now, and I was unable to post this for some reason or another! But we had an amazing time up in Camden town , looking around the market, eating Jamaican food and doughnuts , and just generally taking in our colourful surroundings.

 Usually when i'm heading to Camden , I tend to wear brighter colours (whether that is clothes, or my lipstick) however , today I clearly thought my hair was bright enough. So, I stuck to a more natural bronze glow ( Yes, this is me with bronzer on haha) being such a pale thing - and kept to my usual 'go to' golden brown eyeshadow shade, with mascara obviously and my top waterline lined with Kohl pencil eyeliner. I also used a small amount of benetint near the top of my bottom lip, to give a subtle ombre effect.

There was so much to look at as we had expected , which is why we went early in the day to allow us plenty of time! We did some thrift shopping in Camden thrift shop, and also got some unique items from the market. I managed to get some good photos of the crazy-coloured surroundings ( which is basically everywhere you look) and was inspired by half of the people walking around in exactly what they wanted to wear; despite some of the strange looks they might get. 


 We had a very tasty Jamaican lunch , in a small restaurant with a 100% Jamaican specialised menu. It was one of those meals I hadn't really tried before, and hallelujah - they had a Vegetarian section. Without going into detail (because I don't really remember!) I had a potato dauphinoise , fried plantain, chickpea, sweet potato and carrot fritter platter - with mixed bean brown rice and a jerk sauce.

 I will be doing a separate post about the things we bought that day very soon!!

Mia x