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Autumn Orange ♡☂

Autumn Colour's ☂☼ Autumn is officially one of my favourite seasons - there's Halloween, Pumpkin Spice Lattes, Conkers,bonfires, and Lot's of woolly jumpers.

I've never been much of a lover of orange clothing, it tended to be a colour that I stayed far away from. However - perhaps after seeing all the beautiful coloured leaves around, or just realising that blue and orange are complementary colour's - I was inspired to try it out!

So , when out shopping at the weekend I bought a lovely coral orange lipstick by Maybelline and had a look in Topshop for a few bargains, coming across a few orange pieces that I was particularly drawn to. But with very little money in my purse , I only left with one item.

A bright orange ribbed and slightly cropped cami top :

Hopefully I will be able to find more bargain orange items to wear this autumn :)
Mia x