Breakfast: Fresh Strawberries.

(Just a brief meal post)
Summer is the perfect time to be buying all sorts of fruits which are finally in season and being sold in the supermarkets.

Lunch: Moroccan Cous-cous. Edamame,Pea and Broad-bean salad with chilli sauce. Sweet Chilli flatbreads with Houmous/Hummus.

 I'm trying out being a Pescetarian at the moment, so this meal was  perfect and has so many savoury flavours. 

 Dinner: Tuna and Sweetcorn Pasta. Mixed salad leaves, cucumber, and peppers. Celery sticks with crunchy peanut-butter.

 It may sound strange to be eating peanut butter with celery, however nuts are a good source of protein for non-meat-eaters; and it tastes surprisingly good!

Amelia x



Smashbox Cosmetics...

£35 from Online store - http://www.smashbox.co.uk
I have never owned any Smashbox makeup before, and after using other people's and seeing reviews, I have finally been able to buy my own. I'm not going to lie, these products are quite pricey , (and I did have to save up for them) but its good to try high and lower-end brand's to work out if they are worth your wage.

The first thing I was told about was their new contour kit - including a contour, bronzer, and highlighting colour.

Inside the packaging (and on the mirror of the contour palette)there is instructions on how to apply it due to your different face shape, which is really useful if you aren't used to contouring. The Palette also comes with a small angled brush which is the perfect size , and doesn't pick up too much makeup; allowing you to build up the layers of colour to best suit your skin-tone.

£20 from online store - http://www.smashbox.co.uk

The second thing I got was the Brow Tech To Go - crayon and gel. I have tried this before , and personally found it much easier to use than the No7 eyebrow pencil I had before. It is so precise, and you never have the problem of sharpening it ; the gel on the other end is an added bonus to keep the stray hairs in place. I would 100% recommend this, and I will definitely be re-purchasing. The only down-side to this product, is the fact that the crayon side can be used up very quickly - so If you don't have enough money to replace it , it needs to be used sparingly. 

Hope this helps!
Amelia x



Good Thing's face mask:

♥     ♥     ♥     ♥     ♥     ♥     ♥     ♥     ♥     ♥     ♥

After a busy weekend - which for me consisted of babysitting,brownie making, party going, family meetups, and a lot of driving around - It's nice to be able to relax before Monday is sprung upon you, and the working week starts again.

To give my skin a boost for the rest of the week, I tried making my own face masks; however i soon discovered that we didn't have the correct ingredients, and some of them were pretty pricey. I had tried the packet facials before too, and although I have liked some in the past - they didn't quite feel natural enough to be putting on my sensitive skin.

Anyway, it wasn't until about 1 month ago that me and my mum decided to try out the Good Thing's Manuka face mask, and I'm so glad we did.

There was a wide range of different one's to choose from In Boots, including Avocado and Goji Berry (for only £5.99) - http://www.boots.com/en/Good-Things

So far , Our tube has been used five or six time's and it is only just starting to run out; it smells really nice, and has a clay-like appearance and consistency.
I really enjoy using this product, because although it say's it only takes 5 minutes - you can leave it on for as long as you want , and it makes your skin almost tingle and feel refreshed as soon as you apply it. The only other face mask I have found this in so far , would probably be the homemade ones from Lush - due to all the fresh , natural ingredients.

Just a couple shot's of the brownies I made during this very busy weekend. I guess another (not so healthy) way of filling your relaxing Sunday evening - could be with a plate of brownies instead!?


 Amelia x