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£35 from Online store -
I have never owned any Smashbox makeup before, and after using other people's and seeing reviews, I have finally been able to buy my own. I'm not going to lie, these products are quite pricey , (and I did have to save up for them) but its good to try high and lower-end brand's to work out if they are worth your wage.

The first thing I was told about was their new contour kit - including a contour, bronzer, and highlighting colour.

Inside the packaging (and on the mirror of the contour palette)there is instructions on how to apply it due to your different face shape, which is really useful if you aren't used to contouring. The Palette also comes with a small angled brush which is the perfect size , and doesn't pick up too much makeup; allowing you to build up the layers of colour to best suit your skin-tone.

£20 from online store -

The second thing I got was the Brow Tech To Go - crayon and gel. I have tried this before , and personally found it much easier to use than the No7 eyebrow pencil I had before. It is so precise, and you never have the problem of sharpening it ; the gel on the other end is an added bonus to keep the stray hairs in place. I would 100% recommend this, and I will definitely be re-purchasing. The only down-side to this product, is the fact that the crayon side can be used up very quickly - so If you don't have enough money to replace it , it needs to be used sparingly. 

Hope this helps!
Amelia x


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