RUN BOY RUN: Eyeshadow palette by Makeup Revolution.

 Perfect for the bargain hunters!

On a trip to Kingston recently, I popped into the biggest SuperDrug Store I have ever seen in my life and (along with one of my friends) was seriously impressed by the amount of strange and exciting makeup brands there were.
I'm not too sure whether the makeup brands I saw are new and unheard of, because it is most likely me just being ignorant and subconsciously walking straight past them; however this time I completely forgot (well..not completely) about the hair dye i was meant to be looking for , and drifted straight towards these intriguing new/or not products.

(Shade names from left to right, starting at the top row: Trying to catch you, Running is victory, Sun will be guiding you, Day is a prophesy, Another Day, Its time to run. World is not meant for you, Hide behind me, Dying to stop you, Break out from society, Dont have to hide away, You will be my boy. Follow me, Head to the hills, Run boy Run, Girl on fire, You are finally mine, and Head start.)


After contemplating between three of the available limited edition palette's, I settled for this one called RUN BOY RUN (which is the name of one of the shades inside).

It is one of the first palette's they had which combines both shimmer and matte - 12 shimmer, and 6 matte.
Despite having to apply a lot more of the colour itself onto the eyelid to create the same effect as a higher quality eyeshadow - you are getting 18 unique shades ( all super pigmented) for a bargain price of £6. - EYESHADOW PALETTE.

For those of you looking to try out a variety of different eyeshadow shades - ON A BUDGET  - I would 100% reccomend the Makeup Revolution palettes! You also need to bare in mind that , like most 18 shade eyeshadow palettes, not every colour is going to be perfectly suited to you...and if your like me , and have your mind set on the exact colours you like to wear - try to experiment a little :)

Mia x