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The First three colours of my Custom Mac Pro Palette (small pan x15)... ♡      ♡      ♡     ♡     ♡     ♡     ♡     ♡     ♡    I am now able to happily tick off another item from my summer beauty wishlist! After watching a few different Youtubers talk about their Pro Palette, I really wanted to try out some of the colour's myself, and see what they were all raving about. Mac is quite an expensive brand - and as I'm not made of money -I decided to pick out just three colour's to start with , and build it up over time.

I would describe the types of colour's I usually wear on my eyes as pinky-bronze-browns(in my most professional makeup artist terms haha). Maybe it's because I'm not daring enough to go for the brighter colours, or it might just be that these brown tones complement my green eyes?

The colours I finally picked where :
and Honey-lust.

 Although Patina and Woodwinked look quite similar in the palette, Patina is quite a taupe brown with…


Photo Diary 20/07/15 ♡Butterflies and Stripes...

Amelia x


Would I buy these again? ♡
Especially Escada Delicate Notes was one of the first perfumes I picked out myself and really liked, and then re-bought. The only reason I didn't buy this again was only because I get bored quickly, and wanted to try out something else. It is also quite a summery, floral scent - and better for those who prefer sweet smelling perfumes.                                  ♡would re-purchase.

The Rimmel London Wake Me Up foundation has been one that has stayed constantly in my makeup bag. I have re-purchased it about 3 times, however since then I have only really used small amounts to mix with other foundations - that suit my skin tone better - to get the perfect colour match. I would say it has medium coverage which is why I liked it so much at the time, and it is very affordable at £8.99 from a drugstore. Most of the shade's run pretty dark, as I bought this in the lightest shade - Ivory - and I found that my skin eventually got a little lighter and neede…