Would I buy these again?

Especially Escada Delicate Notes was one of the first perfumes I picked out myself and really liked, and then re-bought. The only reason I didn't buy this again was only because I get bored quickly, and wanted to try out something else. It is also quite a summery, floral scent - and better for those who prefer sweet smelling perfumes.                                  would re-purchase.

The Rimmel London Wake Me Up foundation has been one that has stayed constantly in my makeup bag. I have re-purchased it about 3 times, however since then I have only really used small amounts to mix with other foundations - that suit my skin tone better - to get the perfect colour match. I would say it has medium coverage which is why I liked it so much at the time, and it is very affordable at £8.99 from a drugstore. Most of the shade's run pretty dark, as I bought this in the lightest shade - Ivory - and I found that my skin eventually got a little lighter and needed a different foundation. I would recommend anyone (who hasn't already) to give this foundation a try because for a while this was one of my makeup essentials.

                                                                                                       ♡would re-purchase.

Large powder brush by Seventeen - which was advertised with the SEVENTEEN Instant Glow Bronzing Powder. This time last year I wasn't as interested in makeup brushes, and so I am almost thankful for this cheap (I think £3.99?) makeup brush for stressing the need to me for good quality makeup brushes. Unfortunately as soon as I took this out of it's packaging I knew it was a disappointment as the hairs were falling out everywhere. As you can imagine, the last thing you need when applying your makeup (especially in a hurry) is a brush falling apart on your face, so I have to honestly say I would NOT RE-PURCHASE.

The SEVENTEEN Doll'd Up Mascara - I actually cannot count just how many times I have recommended this mascara to people , or been asked about the mascara I use. I had tried so many mascara's before , and hated the way so many of them clumped my eyelashes together! Before using this one, I had actually found another good one - the L'oreal Telescopic. I personally think these two mascara's are practically the same- both with a long, thin, and slightly curved brush , which separate the lashes perfectly and evenly without looking clumpy. However, for those on a budget (or just looking for great deals), the Doll'd Up mascara is only £6.25 , and have not been swayed by any others since last year - nor any high end mascara's.
                                              would re-purchase.

Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat - I thought I would give this illuminating and correcting pen a go , as it has always been one of my mums favourites. It was very effective at hiding under-eye dark areas , and so I would recommend to those who don't get enough sleep as they should! However, I felt that being so young I wasn't able to properly appreciate the Touche Éclat's correcting skills, and thought perhaps this product works better on slightly older skin. I wasn't disappointed by any means, however I would only spend £26 on a product that I Know is suited best for my skin. Due to this I WOULDN'T RE-PURCHASE - AT LEAST NOT UNTIL I'M A LITTLE OLDER.


The Rimmel London Stay Matte Pressed Powder - I wasn't particularly blown away by this , however it was use-full for occasionally changing my foundation look from 'dewy' to 'matte' looking. It was good in the sense that it wasn't too heavy on the skin , and was the perfect shade for me; it was just a shame that as my skin got a little more dry, and I began to think it made my skin look almost 'chalkey'. On this basis I personally wouldn't re-purchase right now, however maybe in the future if my skin becomes more oily.

Lastly, the Batiste Dry Shampoo - This beautiful spray can of ....stuff, has been my saviour for a very long time now. Although it can get annoying having to restock every week or two, It can get rid of the grease in my hair with just a few sprays, whilst giving it volume, and a texture which makes it easier to style (if your into the messy-straight look). 100% recommend this to anyone who hasn't tried it; the cheaper versions unfortunately just don't do the same job, as well as the Batiste loose powder - STICK WITH THE SPRAY CAN.
                                               would re-purchase. 

Amelia x


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