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Photo Diary and Outfit post - from Saturday... We started out in Brighton Mariner , as the streets were filled with people supporting Gay Pride, and rainbow flags were being waved everywhere we turned ; meaning most roads were blocked off. We eventully made our way over to a quieter end of Brighton beach after lunch, for a bit of sunbathing - and then doughnuts from the pier on the way back. Seeing as it its summer, I also decided to try out these gold and silver tatoos by Simply Shine - Excuse the plaster on my nose :/ Still using the same hair dye, but tried out a lighter shade of blue called Blullini! My makeup was quite natural, and using Mac woodwinked eyeshadow and No7 bronzer in light and medium, I tried to give my face more of a gold/bronze glow. Turquoise spotty backpack - from Accesorize - not sure if the same one is being sold, but these types of backpacks are really popular at the moment and I've s


Been a while since my last post, as I've been ill and busy babysitting and seeing family and things like that. But as it was my birthday last week , I have been able to tick some more things off my wishlist - including this amazing Chloe perfume. In a small 20ml bottle, it is perfect for traveling around with you , or buying before you massively splash out on a larger bottle. I really love this scent , and have had compliments from people about it ; it's a light fragrance , which is sweet and fruity. It is a mixture of different notes - including peony, freesia, magnolia, rose, amber and lastly cedar. I would definitely say this is a beautiful summer scent , however I have a feeling that I wont just be wearing this in the summer! It is not too over- powering , however you don't need to use half the bottle to make the scent last throughout the day. Would Recommend ☾ Amelia x ♡