Photo Diary and Outfit post - from Saturday...

We started out in Brighton Mariner , as the streets were filled with people supporting Gay Pride, and rainbow flags were being waved everywhere we turned ; meaning most roads were blocked off. We eventully made our way over to a quieter end of Brighton beach after lunch, for a bit of sunbathing - and then doughnuts from the pier on the way back.

Seeing as it its summer, I also decided to try out these
gold and silver tatoos by Simply Shine -
Excuse the plaster on my nose :/
Still using the same hair dye, but tried out a lighter
shade of blue called Blullini!
My makeup was quite natural, and using Mac woodwinked
eyeshadow and No7 bronzer in light and medium, I tried to
give my face more of a gold/bronze glow.
Turquoise spotty backpack - from Accesorize - not sure if
the same one is being sold, but these types of backpacks are
really popular at the moment and I've seen similar in most
clothing stores.
These badges were a gift , but cool and colourful badges
can be found all over the place ; for example street stalls,
concerts, music stores like HMV , online etc.
I really love this white bell sleaved top, and although
I dont usually feel comfortable wearing white clothes,
I have worn it quite a few times since i bought it. It is
lightweight, and has a slight bohemian feel to it - bought
from H&M. However they only had the two left in size 6,
so here is a similar one (in a different colour) -
After about a month of mourning my last pair of creepers
(which stuck by me for 2 years), I managed to pick up an identical
pair from Camden Market for just £30.
These simple black and grey stone-washed shorts , I got from
H&M. They aren't anything special, but they serve their
purpose for a hot day like it was! These SHORTS are similar,
but have added rips.
Sunglasses are from, and are now on sale!

The hotdog legs had to be done :)

Amelia x


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