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OOTD: Woodland walk  ☾ 2nd December 2017. Link: Just created a youtube channel guys, featuring this look as the first video - please check it out!            - A Warm Autumn/Winter look. Hello guys! I have been off the radar for a while now, but I am back with lots of looks to share! I am also thinking about putting up some of my artwork and possibly putting drawing videos up on my youtube channel also...but I cannot be sure just yet!                                 A Lovely Woodland walk: Shop the look!: The Dress - Addiction dress - ON SALE - From The Ragged Priest UK - Click here for the dress! - The Faux Fur Jacket -  I bought this in Brighton Flea Market , however there are many items similar ... - Jacket 1 -    - Jacket 2 -   - Jacket 3 - The Doc Martens - These were limited edition 'baroque' style boots I bought second-hand (otherwise I would have bought Vegan leather). Here are some similar; - Boots 1 -   - Shoes 2