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HAPPY PRIDE TO EVERY MEMBER OF THE LGBTQ+ GANG  ! Hope everyone is living a super duper proud life , and loving whoever the hell they want to. Me and Esther had such a good time this year having a boogie around trafalgar square - we joined in with a silent disco, and we got to watch Alyssa Edwards from Drag Race perform like the queen she is! We also managed to find a very lovely group of people to tag along with until the early hours, along with one of my good friends from school. I feel like it's so much easier to make friends, and come across as 'approachable' when your all glittery and covered in rainbows, haha! Here is what we wore for London Pride and what we used to make us SPARKLE.. My Outfit -  (shop the look) Rainbow bandeau (£5) from Boohoo -  CLICK HERE. Acid Debbie Shorts from Dollskill (newly reduced) -  CLICK HERE. Velvet Western Belt from Boohoo -  CLICK HERE. Handmade rainbow Earrings from NoBasicBombshell -  CLICK HERE. Holographic