Been a while since my last post, as I've been ill and busy babysitting and seeing family and things like that. But as it was my birthday last week , I have been able to tick some more things off my wishlist - including this amazing Chloe perfume.

In a small 20ml bottle, it is perfect for traveling around with you , or buying before you massively splash out on a larger bottle. I really love this scent , and have had compliments from people about it ; it's a light fragrance , which is sweet and fruity.

It is a mixture of different notes - including peony, freesia, magnolia, rose, amber and lastly cedar.

I would definitely say this is a beautiful summer scent , however I have a feeling that I wont just be wearing this in the summer! It is not too over- powering , however you don't need to use half the bottle to make the scent last throughout the day.

Would Recommend

Amelia x