Bleaching My Roots - with Bleach London.

Having coloured hair can require a lot of maintenance, especially when bleach is involved. I haven't bleached my hair at home before, but my roots were so bad that I couldn't wait any longer!

Bleach London - Total Bleach - £7 - online or at your local Boots store.
Each Pack comes with super easy instructions, depending on whether you are wanting to bleach all of your hair, the ends or your roots etc. It tells you exactly how long it should be kept on for , for previously coloured or virgin hair.

Both sachets ( or however many the instructions tell you for your particular bleaching) of powder bleach should be emptied into the mixing bowl provided. Once you have done that, you simply put on the plastic gloves provided, and add the developing lotion - making sure it is completely mixed in.

After they have been sufficiently mixed, the bleach should not be left for too long. Apply the bleach rapidly (with the brush provided) to the hair - or scalp - using the end of the mixing brush to help part your hair into sections to make it easier.

The bleach has got to be applied as quickly as possible, because otherwise some parts of the hair will be more developed than others - meaning you will have to wash part of the bleach off first.  As you can see, the Bleach starts to work pretty quickly , and by the time i had fully applied it all, my front roots were already looking yellow!
After around half an hour to forty minutes - OR however long the instructions tell you - rinse the bleach off of your hair, still wearing the gloves and covering your eyes to protect them from the watery bleach.
I have to admit, my roots were not as white as they would have been if I were to go to a hair salon  - however for £7 as opposed to £50 - the results were a lot better than I expected! You ca also follow up with the Bleach London shampoo and conditioner to slowly get rid of the yellow , brassy tones from the roots, and replace with a platinum blonde/white. Or the bleach could be left on for longer to develop - I was just a little scared of over - damaging my hair!

Thinking about hair damage, a small tube of the Bleach London Reincarnation Hair Mask is also provided. This is optional of course, but its good to be kind to your hair for a while after bleaching. This particular hair mask is like an extremely thick conditioner, and I left it on my hair for 20 minutes before washing it off - to let my hair get all the benefit.

After putting on more of my hair colour, I FINALLY had no more visible roots!
Definitely Recommend this bleaching pack for anyone who was as clueless about bleaching at home as I was :)

Mia x


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