༺Photo Diary : A rainy day in Italy ♥

Ciao! This particular day in Gravagna I mainly spent inside - just like i would do back home on a dreary day. Luckily in Italy, despite it thundering outside, the air remains pretty hot, so shorts are still most definitely the 'dress code'. As you can see by the door of our house in the background, it's all quite rustic looking and full of character. I guess it could be called old-school 'shabby chic'?

I bought these worn out looking medium blue denim shorts not too long before we left for Italy. These are from H&M , and in a size 8 they are the perfect fit for me. They are a little frayed at the edges, and slightly high waisted so look good with pretty much any style of top. Here is a similar pair being sold by H&M online - SHORTS.

Right about this time, i really regretted not taking a spare bottle of hair dye with me, as my roots are coming through quite dark at the top. 
Going back to basics, we had to collect twigs from our cellar to start up a fire. Without an oven, we ( dad) had to cook everything this way.

My charcoal grey/black Girls Rebellion top is sleeveless, and has studs on the shoulders. I ordered this online a while ago, so here are two other tops I found; both with different similarities to mine. This ones from TopShop and has a print with studs -TOP1
This one is from House of Fraser and is sleeveless with studs -TOP2.

This Flannel shirt was probably one of my best buys from Urban Outfitters Urban Renewal range.It's navy blue and dark green, and I bought it in the men's section to ensure it was baggy. Usually in the heat I would just tie it around my waist, however England is very rarely hot! Here is a very similar Urban Renewal shirt (from the women's section) - UO.SHIRT.

Amelia x


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