Hot Chilli Snog ♡

Looking For a SNOG on the Southbank

We Took a trip up to the Southbank in London , and came
across a pink double-deker which turned out to be selling SNOG
frozen yoghurt.

I haven't worn bright red lips like this since I died my hair
dark brown, because I didn't feel I could wear it as casually
with white blonde hair. Im still on the fence about it, however
I love the colour in itself - it's called Hot Chilli by Rimmel

The street Art we saw was super good, as we sat admiring
the surroundings from the top of the SNOG bus.
(This post was meant to have been posted before i went away 2 weeks ago, however there was a connection problem! The next couple will be about my time in Italy.)

Amelia x

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