L'oreal Infallible.

L'oreal Infallible Mattifying Primer and Foundation...

I have been a fan of L'Oreal products for a while now, however i have never bought a foundation or primer from them until now. The only other primer I have tried out was the Porefessional by Benefit, which did minimize the appearance of my pores slightly, however its quite pricey and I thought I would look at other brands of Primers to compare. Both the Porefessional and Infallible contain Silicone which in terms of skincare covers the skin to protect and keep the moisture in. It also fills in uneven skin texture, meaning the primer gives a better 'illusion' of flawless skin.
Anyway, i would definitely recommend the Infallible Primer to someone with fine lines or small pores , because it's lightweight and doesn't feel heavy on the skin; but it may not be heavy enough to fill in larger pores, deep wrinkles, or large amounts of acne scarring.
I bought the foundation in the shade Vanilla, which thanks to my very pale skin was a little too dark. As it say's on the back, it serves it's purpose by giving a matte finish and also reduces shine. I personally feel like my skin is slightly too dry for this foundation, however i would recommend to someone with an oilier skin.On the backs of both products , it has a 'Pro-Tip' , and also tells you what to expect in terms of Texture, Action, and Coverage. I haven't seen this before , but I think it's very useful and a nice added touch.
Hope this can help in some way!

Amelia x


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