Hi guys! These last couple months have gone unbelievably quickly , and have all seemed quite surreal with my exams and all. Finishing school has given me a new perspective , and hopes for the future, and it's going to be nice to be able to fully relax this holiday. I barely realised; it's the 4th of July! And seeing as summer is in the air , and I'm looking forward to having a pro-active, lively summer, i thought i would use this time (my first blog post) to share some of the things i want to do / achieve.

I'm super excited for all my holiday's this year too , and in around five weeks i will be in this lovely place - Italy - hopefully getting lots of amazing photo's and possibly tanning if I'm lucky. So here we go...
Summer list:1)Watch the sunset/sunrise - always been something I've wanted to do. Kind of a cliche , but beautiful none the less.
2)Read at least two books. The only time i ever seem to be able to read is during the summer seasons, i practically haven't read since last year; besides magazines, blogs, and English assignments.
3)Meditate. Yes, i know it sounds a little strange at first, but i really think it's will be a good way to de-stress, and only 10 minutes a day is necessary.
4)Build up my self confidence - It's always been something i have struggled with, just like many others, but i feel like its time to change that somehow. I know from experience that that's easier said than done, but nevertheless I'm going to carry on trying :)
5)Channel more of my feeling's into my journal - I have kept a diary/Journal for as long as i can remember really, however what i wrote wasn't of much importance. Journalling is a good way of transferring your feeling's in a rational way, and reading back on things can help give you a better perspective on your life.
6)DO AS MUCH SKETCHING/FASHION SCRAPBOOKING AS I CAN - I find it hard coming up with random things to draw or scrapbook when I'm lacking in inspiration or having 'artist block' , and this summer is the perfect time to be inspired by my surroundings.
7) Go to a place i have never been before - I'm all up for exploring, the transport costs are the only things that would stop me - but while the sun's out i will try to travel a little further out of my comfort zone and put myself out there.
8)Try to bag as many summer bargain's as possible - Not that I am deprived of Clothes in ANY way, but i love expanding my wardrobe , and adding pieces from here and there.
9) Do at least one 'good deed' a day - whether this is simply holding the door open for someone, or smiling at every one you see (maybe not everyone...) because that one good thing could brighten somebody's day.
10) BLOG!

Im sure there will be lots more that i think of or want to do, but for now this will do :)

Amelia x


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