Elegant Touch Totally Bare
Stiletto Nail's...

I'm not one to usually buy fake nails, however i had cut all mine off and was really intrigued by the 'stiletto' shape, and figured it would be difficult to grow my nails into that shape. So, i bought these Elegant Touch nails - which are a 'blank canvas to create your own look'.
I personally don't like my nails too long, and although these were in the shortest size, i gave them a trim (which i haven't been able to do on any fake nails before) and painted in dark blue (from Rimmel London).

Unlike most nails i have tried , these ones practically felt like my own nail's, and i was able to go about my day without worrying too much about them falling off. Saying that, i did have to re-stick a couple of the nail's after a few day's but that was what i expected , and the glue was pretty strong too. Definitely recommend these to people on a budget as well, because they are only £4.65 from boots - and have been spotted at London Fashion Week!

Amelia x

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