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After a busy weekend - which for me consisted of babysitting,brownie making, party going, family meetups, and a lot of driving around - It's nice to be able to relax before Monday is sprung upon you, and the working week starts again.

To give my skin a boost for the rest of the week, I tried making my own face masks; however i soon discovered that we didn't have the correct ingredients, and some of them were pretty pricey. I had tried the packet facials before too, and although I have liked some in the past - they didn't quite feel natural enough to be putting on my sensitive skin.

Anyway, it wasn't until about 1 month ago that me and my mum decided to try out the Good Thing's Manuka face mask, and I'm so glad we did.

There was a wide range of different one's to choose from In Boots, including Avocado and Goji Berry (for only £5.99) -

So far , Our tube has been used five or six time's and it is only just starting to run out; it smells really nice, and has a clay-like appearance and consistency.
I really enjoy using this product, because although it say's it only takes 5 minutes - you can leave it on for as long as you want , and it makes your skin almost tingle and feel refreshed as soon as you apply it. The only other face mask I have found this in so far , would probably be the homemade ones from Lush - due to all the fresh , natural ingredients.

Just a couple shot's of the brownies I made during this very busy weekend. I guess another (not so healthy) way of filling your relaxing Sunday evening - could be with a plate of brownies instead!?


 Amelia x

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