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Keeping Positive and holding onto happiness ♡ This is going to be a slightly more personal post, nothing to do with fashion, makeup etc so if thats not what your here for, then stop reading.
Lately , since starting Art College, my life has changed quite dramatically - definitely for the better. Happiness has never been a choice for me, i've wanted it so badly but its just been something that I have never quite been able to reach, and sadly to say I hadn't felt it for a very long time; to the point that I physically couldn't bring myself to even fake smile, and practically had no motivation for life. However, for various reasons I'm not going to go into very much yet, life is looking up at the moment :) and I think I might be starting to recognise happiness. 
Problem is... happiness is quite hard to keep hold of, and I feel it slipping away very often. At the moment, it has a lot to do with others making me feel like I'm not worthy of being happy, and provoking negat…


IN THE TUB - WITH LUSH'S  SUNNYSIDE BUBBLE BAR ♡ It's not often I have enough time to take a bath, but it's always nice to get my hands on a few Lush products that give me a good excuse! On this occasion , I chose the most glittery bubble bar I could find. Usually, I go for the Blackberry bath bomb, the Sex bomb , or the Dragons egg - so I was looking forward to trying my first Sunnyside bubble bar.

It wasn't as glittery as I had expected , however when I looked closer at the water I noticed lots of shimmering golden specks which I couldn't quite capture on camera. Unlike a lot of Lush Bath bombs and bubble bars , the smell of Sunnyside was very subtle and turned out to be a blend of sweet wild orange, lemon and tangerine oils ; nothing too sweet and over-powering. Very relaxing, and would recommend to fellow glitter lovers.

Mia x

Unicorn Uni-bum ♡

Was very excited when I spotted these unicorn mom jeans by The Ragged Priest (who I am obsessed with at the moment!)  as I had been searching for mom jeans for an age , and not only were these the perfect colour, but they have unicorns on the butt! How can you say no to having a unicorn bum?!

These particular Jeans are pretty pricey, but I think it's worth it to get good quality Jeans that will last a long time. However , there a similar mom jeans on the Ragged Priest website that are on sale , and have some really cute patches and prints. It's going to be difficult to stop myself from wearing these everyday!

Mia x

Autumn Orange ♡☂

Autumn Colour's ☂☼ Autumn is officially one of my favourite seasons - there's Halloween, Pumpkin Spice Lattes, Conkers,bonfires, and Lot's of woolly jumpers.

I've never been much of a lover of orange clothing, it tended to be a colour that I stayed far away from. However - perhaps after seeing all the beautiful coloured leaves around, or just realising that blue and orange are complementary colour's - I was inspired to try it out!

So , when out shopping at the weekend I bought a lovely coral orange lipstick by Maybelline and had a look in Topshop for a few bargains, coming across a few orange pieces that I was particularly drawn to. But with very little money in my purse , I only left with one item.

A bright orange ribbed and slightly cropped cami top :

Hopefully I will be able to find more bargain orange items to wear this autumn :)
Mia x


Bleaching My Roots - with Bleach London.Having coloured hair can require a lot of maintenance, especially when bleach is involved. I haven't bleached my hair at home before, but my roots were so bad that I couldn't wait any longer!

Each Pack comes with super easy instructions, depending on whether you are wanting to bleach all of your hair, the ends or your roots etc. It tells you exactly how long it should be kept on for , for previously coloured or virgin hair.

Both sachets ( or however many the instructions tell you for your particular bleaching) of powder bleach should be emptied into the mixing bowl provided. Once you have done that, you simply put on the plastic gloves provided, and add the developing lotion - making sure it is completely mixed in.

After they have been sufficiently mixed, the bleach should not be left for too long. Apply the bleach rapidly (with the brush provided) to the hair - or scalp - using the end of the mixing brush to help part your hair into sectio…


BIRTHDAY DAY OUT...My Birthday was over a month ago now, and I was unable to post this for some reason or another! But we had an amazing time up in Camden town , looking around the market, eating Jamaican food and doughnuts , and just generally taking in our colourful surroundings. ♥

 Usually when i'm heading to Camden , I tend to wear brighter colours (whether that is clothes, or my lipstick) however , today I clearly thought my hair was bright enough. So, I stuck to a more natural bronze glow ( Yes, this is me with bronzer on haha) being such a pale thing - and kept to my usual 'go to' golden brown eyeshadow shade, with mascara obviously and my top waterline lined with Kohl pencil eyeliner. I also used a small amount of benetint near the top of my bottom lip, to give a subtle ombre effect.

There was so much to look at as we had expected , which is why we went early in the day to allow us plenty of time! We did some thrift shopping in Camden thrift shop, and also got some u…


RUN BOY RUN: Eyeshadow palette by Makeup Revolution. Perfect for the bargain hunters! ♡
Packaging:After contemplating between three of the available limited edition palette's, I settled for this one called RUN BOY RUN (which is the name of one of the shades inside).

It is one of the first palette's they had which combines both shimmer and matte - 12 shimmer, and 6 matte.
Despite having to apply a lot more of the colour itself onto the eyelid to create the same effect as a higher quality eyeshadow - you are getting 18 unique shades ( all super pigmented) for a bargain price of £6. - EYESHADOW PALETTE.

For those of you looking to try out a variety of different eyeshadow shades - ON A BUDGET  - I would 100% reccomend the Makeup Revolution palettes! You also need to bare in mind that , like most 18 shade eyeshadow palettes, not every colour is going to be perfectly suited to you...and if your like me , and have your mind set on the exact colours you like to wear - try to experiment…


༺Photo Diary : A rainy day in Italy ♥Ciao! This particular day in Gravagna I mainly spent inside - just like i would do back home on a dreary day. Luckily in Italy, despite it thundering outside, the air remains pretty hot, so shorts are still most definitely the 'dress code'. As you can see by the door of our house in the background, it's all quite rustic looking and full of character. I guess it could be called old-school 'shabby chic'?

Amelia x

Hot Chilli Snog ♡

Looking For a SNOG on the Southbank ♡
(This post was meant to have been posted before i went away 2 weeks ago, however there was a connection problem! The next couple will be about my time in Italy.)

Amelia x