Keeping Positive and holding onto happiness 

This is going to be a slightly more personal post, nothing to do with fashion, makeup etc so if thats not what your here for, then stop reading.

Lately , since starting Art College, my life has changed quite dramatically - definitely for the better. Happiness has never been a choice for me, i've wanted it so badly but its just been something that I have never quite been able to reach, and sadly to say I hadn't felt it for a very long time; to the point that I physically couldn't bring myself to even fake smile, and practically had no motivation for life.
However, for various reasons I'm not going to go into very much yet, life is looking up at the moment :) and I think I might be starting to recognise happiness. 

Problem is... happiness is quite hard to keep hold of, and I feel it slipping away very often. At the moment, it has a lot to do with others making me feel like I'm not worthy of being happy, and provoking negative memories and thoughts. I like to say that I don't care what other people think, and to an extent I don't, but the thought of people who don't really know anything about me , talking about me, makes me feel anxious and self conscious. This is a problem for me, when I am at a point in my life where I just want to be myself in every way - whether its what I wear, how I think, what colour my hair is, or who I date. An obvious way of conquering this, is Acceptance of yourself. I am working hard on this but it doesn't come naturally, as I'm sure it doesn't for many people. Another way -  when your being affected by negative people, try to surround yourself with people who support you and a person who you can tell exactly how your feeling (whether its a friend, parent, or counsellor) to put your mind at rest , and encourage your positive thoughts.

Annoyingly, There is always going to be someone who has something negative to say about anything you do - but thats normal. Not everyone in the world is going to like your new top, but having enough Confidence to keep your head held high, and think 'I don't give a f*** what anyone else thinks' is whats needed for inner acceptance - leading to happiness within yourself.

Everyone wants happiness (well..i think!) but being happy doesn't mean that your never going to feel sad again, and you won't have bad days....what I've learnt and have been told many time is that its about Recognising when your feeling good, or the smallest things that make you smile. This is so that, during the bad times, you can reassure yourself that your not going to feel that way forever. And remember that there is a lot of beauty in the world.
This is my own work.

If your finding a time in your life difficult, look to the future and remind yourself of all the things you want to achieve, things you want to do, people you want to meet. You could even write a note book about all the things that make you happy, or things you have to look forward to - so that you can look in it if your feeling hopeless. 
KEEP SMILING - when you give up on smiling, its a difficult Habit to get out of.
LET PEOPLE KNOW THAT THEY MAKE YOU HAPPY - some people may misunderstand your unhappiness and take it personally; as being sad for a long time can make you angry , and hurt people who are close to you.

Most of this has been written to remind myself, and make holding onto happiness easier. But I hope it  can help at least one other person. Its also practically three days until christmas, so SMILE AND BE JOLLY!

Mia x 
(All images are from my Pinterest, apart from the top image which is my own work.)





Unfortunately having a budget means that I cannot afford real Doctor Martin shoes at the moment,
however these H&M burgundy shoes are a much cheaper and similar alternative - shoes.
I picked up this baby blue cashmere top on a recent trip to Camden Market in a vintage shop in
the Stables. It was around £15 but I fell in love with it instantly. Although its short sleeved ,
its soft and warm; suitable for the British winter. It looks really cute tucked into high waisted
trousers or mom jeans.
Opal (one of my favourite Gem Stones) ring was bought from a small shop in St Ives,
Cornwall over the summer.

Me and a friend headed up to Oxford Street in the evening , to get a good glimpse of the 
beautiful christmas lights , whilst doing a bit of late christmas shopping and trend spotting 
in TopShop and Urban Outfitters. There's something about London in the evening
that just makes me feel so festive.

These are the only pair of smart trousers I have\have ever owned. I wasn't  sure whether I could 'pull them
off' at first, and I have also never worn Marks and Spencer's clothing. However, paired with a Hobbs
leather belt, and rolling up the bottoms , I really like their sophisticated look which is something you don't get
with jeans or leggings. 

We finished off the evening with a Costa Visit , and a Ben's Cookie
before being crammed onto a delayed train home. I guess everyone else
wanted to see the christmas lights too!

Mia x




It's not often I have enough time to take a bath, but it's always nice to get my hands on a few Lush products that give me a good excuse! On this occasion , I chose the most glittery bubble bar I could find. Usually, I go for the Blackberry bath bomb, the Sex bomb , or the Dragons egg - so I was looking forward to trying my first Sunnyside bubble bar.

It wasn't as glittery as I had expected , however when I looked closer at the water I noticed lots of shimmering golden specks which I couldn't quite capture on camera. Unlike a lot of Lush Bath bombs and bubble bars , the smell of Sunnyside was very subtle and turned out to be a blend of sweet wild orange, lemon and tangerine oils ; nothing too sweet and over-powering. Very relaxing, and would recommend to fellow glitter lovers.

Mia x


Unicorn Uni-bum ♡


Was very excited when I spotted these unicorn mom jeans by The Ragged Priest (who I am obsessed with at the moment!)  as I had been searching for mom jeans for an age , and not only were these the perfect colour, but they have unicorns on the butt! How can you say no to having a unicorn bum?!

These particular Jeans are pretty pricey, but I think it's worth it to get good quality Jeans that will last a long time. However , there a similar mom jeans on the Ragged Priest website that are on sale , and have some really cute patches and prints. It's going to be difficult to stop myself from wearing these everyday!

Mia x


Autumn Orange ♡☂

Autumn Colour's ☂☼

Autumn is officially one of my favourite seasons - there's Halloween, Pumpkin Spice Lattes, Conkers,bonfires, and Lot's of woolly jumpers. I also like the fact that the amount of layers you need to wear varies throughout the season - one minute you can get away with wearing just a dress and long socks, and the next day your wearing tights under your jeans, long sleeved turtlenecks with a hat and scarf for added warmth. Unlike summer where all you care about is wearing as little as possible to stay cool, and winter where I practically live in my thick weather-proof coats. Don't get me wrong, I do love summer, and Winter serves its place - but as long as its not raining, I would say that personally Autumn is my most fashion inspiring season.

I've never been much of a lover of orange clothing, it tended to be a colour that I stayed far away from. However - perhaps after seeing all the beautiful coloured leaves around, or just realising that blue and orange are complementary colour's - I was inspired to try it out!
Orange Cami - Topshop - Only £6 or 2 for £10.
Orange tone color sensational lipstick by Maybelline - in the shade Coral Fever.

Hopefully I will be able to find more bargain orange items to wear this autumn :)
Mia x



Bleaching My Roots - with Bleach London.

Having coloured hair can require a lot of maintenance, especially when bleach is involved. I haven't bleached my hair at home before, but my roots were so bad that I couldn't wait any longer!

Bleach London - Total Bleach - £7 - online or at your local Boots store.
Each Pack comes with super easy instructions, depending on whether you are wanting to bleach all of your hair, the ends or your roots etc. It tells you exactly how long it should be kept on for , for previously coloured or virgin hair.

Both sachets ( or however many the instructions tell you for your particular bleaching) of powder bleach should be emptied into the mixing bowl provided. Once you have done that, you simply put on the plastic gloves provided, and add the developing lotion - making sure it is completely mixed in.

After they have been sufficiently mixed, the bleach should not be left for too long. Apply the bleach rapidly (with the brush provided) to the hair - or scalp - using the end of the mixing brush to help part your hair into sections to make it easier.

The bleach has got to be applied as quickly as possible, because otherwise some parts of the hair will be more developed than others - meaning you will have to wash part of the bleach off first.  As you can see, the Bleach starts to work pretty quickly , and by the time i had fully applied it all, my front roots were already looking yellow!
After around half an hour to forty minutes - OR however long the instructions tell you - rinse the bleach off of your hair, still wearing the gloves and covering your eyes to protect them from the watery bleach.
I have to admit, my roots were not as white as they would have been if I were to go to a hair salon  - however for £7 as opposed to £50 - the results were a lot better than I expected! You ca also follow up with the Bleach London shampoo and conditioner to slowly get rid of the yellow , brassy tones from the roots, and replace with a platinum blonde/white. Or the bleach could be left on for longer to develop - I was just a little scared of over - damaging my hair!

Thinking about hair damage, a small tube of the Bleach London Reincarnation Hair Mask is also provided. This is optional of course, but its good to be kind to your hair for a while after bleaching. This particular hair mask is like an extremely thick conditioner, and I left it on my hair for 20 minutes before washing it off - to let my hair get all the benefit.

After putting on more of my hair colour, I FINALLY had no more visible roots!
Definitely Recommend this bleaching pack for anyone who was as clueless about bleaching at home as I was :)

Mia x



♔ ♚  Rimmel London - ScaldalEyes ♕ ♛

Whilst on holiday in Cornwall , I became suddenly aware that I was coming to the end of every liquid 
eyeliner I own (Yes it was as dramatic as it sounds!). Unfortunately there aren't many shops to get 
makeup from where we were staying, however from the five brands I had to choose from, in a very tiny
Boots store - I chose the Scandaleyes thin brush liquid eyeliner in Black/Noir (001).

I've been pretty pleased with just how precise you can be with this eyeliner, because I'm a big fan of the
'winged' eyeliner or 'cat eyes' ( whatever you want to call it!). The brush/tip is really thin, and is perfectly suited to my eye shape; reducing the amount of time I spend trying to clear up ugly black smudges across my face, and allowing me to do it quickly.  

The only issue I have found with this eyeliner , is that (particularly winged eyeliner) it starts to fade 
around the edges a little, and so you have got to make sure your apply A LOT if your wanting it
to stay all day long.

So, after testing out this eyeliner...because of how easy it is to use and the precision of the brush - I 
would recommend. However, it will only look at its best if you are willing to possibly top it up from
time to time - If not, then you will need a thicker,  longer lasting eyeliner .

Overall , I'm still on the hunt for my 100% perfect liquid eyeliner!

Mia x
(comment any suggestions?) 




My Birthday was over a month ago now, and I was unable to post this for some reason or another! But we had an amazing time up in Camden town , looking around the market, eating Jamaican food and doughnuts , and just generally taking in our colourful surroundings.

 Usually when i'm heading to Camden , I tend to wear brighter colours (whether that is clothes, or my lipstick) however , today I clearly thought my hair was bright enough. So, I stuck to a more natural bronze glow ( Yes, this is me with bronzer on haha) being such a pale thing - and kept to my usual 'go to' golden brown eyeshadow shade, with mascara obviously and my top waterline lined with Kohl pencil eyeliner. I also used a small amount of benetint near the top of my bottom lip, to give a subtle ombre effect.

There was so much to look at as we had expected , which is why we went early in the day to allow us plenty of time! We did some thrift shopping in Camden thrift shop, and also got some unique items from the market. I managed to get some good photos of the crazy-coloured surroundings ( which is basically everywhere you look) and was inspired by half of the people walking around in exactly what they wanted to wear; despite some of the strange looks they might get. 


 We had a very tasty Jamaican lunch , in a small restaurant with a 100% Jamaican specialised menu. It was one of those meals I hadn't really tried before, and hallelujah - they had a Vegetarian section. Without going into detail (because I don't really remember!) I had a potato dauphinoise , fried plantain, chickpea, sweet potato and carrot fritter platter - with mixed bean brown rice and a jerk sauce.

 I will be doing a separate post about the things we bought that day very soon!!

Mia x